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Surgical Healthcare Providers�?? Compliance to Hand Hygiene and Facemask Use: A Case of Tamale Teaching Hospital, Ghana

Introduction: Efficient infection prevention and control (IPC) measures such as hand hygiene and facemask use are basic requirements for all health facilities to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with microbial agents and hence excellent patient outcome.

Methodology: This study was conducted using descriptive cross-sectional survey. Data entry and analysis was done using SPSS version 20 and Graph Pad Prism version 6.05 and the level of significance was at confidence level of 95%.

Results: Out of the 156 participants who responded, 22 (14.1%) were Doctors, with 107 (68.6%) Nurses, 12 (7.7%) Certified registered an aesthetics (CRA) and 15 (9.6%) Order lies. Hand hygiene compliance was 49.4% and facemask use compliance was 73.7%. Factors significantly related to hand hygiene compliance were: occupational category (p = 0.000), educational level (p = 0.000), In-service training/workshop related to IPC (p = 0.013) and hospital monitoring of staff adherence to IPC (p = 0.000). The factor significantly related facemask use was: occupation (p = 0.000), age group (p = 0.024), educational level (p = 0.006) and hospital monitoring of staff adherence to IPC (p = 0.002).


Abdul RaufAlhassan*1, Kuugbee ED2, Der EM3

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